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Frequently Asked Questions

The Universal Namespace maintains a list of reserved names. These correspond to trademarks and other names which clearly belong to particular companies or individuals. A reserved name can only be claimed by proving that it is being claimed by the right person or company.

Names that correspond to trademarks are not yet available to be claimed automatically; in order to claim one of these names, the user needs to first contact the Universal Namespace company and prove that they own the associated website or trademark. Once this process is complete, a Universal Namespace administrator will mark the reserved name as available and attach a random passcode to it, preventing anyone else from claiming the name. The administrator will then give the passcode to the legitimate owner of the name who can then use that passcode to obtain the name. If you own a trademark name, contact [email protected]

As the owner of a name, you can see all the information you have associated with that name. In the Universal Namespace Portal the user will have the ability to setup and manage the profile for a name, users will be able to better customize the information shown for a name, and use the displayed information to explore and interact with other users. The user can change the visibility of a profile item from hidden, private or public. Within the constraints imposed by UNS, email, phone number will be permanently hidden.

Soon Universal Namespace will provide a Marketplace where user will be able to sell their name, meaning the ownership of the name passes from one user to another. In a very broad sense, transferring consists of the original owner releasing the name and the new owner claiming the name.

Because group names are just Universal Namespace names, nothing changes as far as the ownership and management of the name goes. A user claims a group name in exactly the same way they claim an individual name — the only difference is that they need to set the type of the name to organization. The newly-claimed group name will be associated with their phone number, they will be able to claim a bronze-level certification for the name (and potentially a silver- or gold-level certification) and set up a Universal Ledger balance for their group. Users will also be able to use the group name to sign into third party apps and services.